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Daily Thought #002

Daily Thought #001


Adding subscription billing to your SaaS product seems simple at first, but implementing it well can be harder than it looks. It’s easy to end up with an over-complicated and leaky subscription flow if you’re not careful.

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The Cost of Slack

There’s no arguing it — Slack is a great product. Everyone seems to be raving about the magical team chat app that boosts productivity overnight. If you’re not using Slack you are missing out on an easy productivity boost, right? I mean, NASA seems to be using it to put robots on Mars and it’s making their lives simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.

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Tracking Your Competition

I check on our signup funnel every couple of days. It only takes me a few minutes and helps ground my focus. I care about how many new signups rolled in, and of those how many are active and likely to convert to paying customers.

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Developer Problems

Ever since I started programming I’ve been dreaming in code. Talking to other programmers I quickly learned I was not alone. Initially, I embraced these dreams as signs of focus and dedication. I get a sense that other developers feel this way as well. I’ve come to realize these dreams are not healthy. They result in restless sleep and deprive my mind of the time it needs to be at rest. I want to trade logic and classes for rainbows and unicorns.

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Why such analytical dreams?

Chasing Your Passion

I went into college quite adamant about entering the investment banking world after school. I have no idea what I was thinking at the time besides the fact that it would pay well. (If that isn’t a big red flag I don’t know what is.) Fortunately, I realized that I wanted something else from a career and lifestyle early in my studies.

Ben Bartling

Now — searching for my next venture. Past — built, grew, and sold ZoomShift. Full-stack developer, believer in product-led growth, somewhat of a designer.

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